Leadership paradigm shift - creating truly innovative organisations

The big discussion lately is how to transform traditional organisations into innovative ones. This is paramount as the speed of change is requiring companies to innovate and transform fast. As Linda Hill puts it: “The secret sauce is leadership”. However, not the kind of traditional leadership that has worked in the industrial era. The new kind of leadership needs to harness the creative potential of all the people in the organisation. Thus, leadership becomes setting the stage and getting the best people on board to perform on it. This new kind of leadership unleashes the creative potential but is also able to harness it to turn it into a useful force instead of chaos.

You know that something is becoming important when the big players become interested in it. Egon Zehnder (one of the leading headhunting companies) has now recognized the need to look for different kind of leadership for the future. They have partnered with Linda Hill - Harvard Business School professor, one of my favourite thinkers in this - to look into the leadership paradigm shift. Have a look at the video discussion on their website. It will get you onboard of this important topic!


This is the kind of leadership that I am helping companies and executives develop!

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